As a healthcare provider, your referrals to the Hawaii Tobacco Quitline are extremely important.


Research shows that patients who quit using the Hawaii Tobacco Quitline are up to 14 times more likely to quit and stay quit than those who quit unassisted. The research also shows that many Quitline callers say that a healthcare provider was their source of referral.

To make referrals easier for you, the Quitline offers a Fax Referral System. To have the Quitline proactively call your patient, use the Quitline’s Fax Referral Form. The Quitline will call the patient and approximately two weeks later you will receive a short fax report on the outcome of the referral. Your referral provides your patients with free 24/7 access to our personalized program to quit smoking for good. The Fax Referral report is only available for HIPAA covered entities. The Hawaii Tobacco Quitline cessation services are fully HIPAA compliant.

Our Quit Coaches can also answer your tobacco treatment-related questions, including referral information about other community cessation programs and pharmacotherapy options.


Many physicians follow the “Ask-Advise-Refer” method when speaking to patients about smoking.

Step 1:

ASK every patient about tobacco use at every visit.

Step 2:

ADVISE patients who smoke to quit. Speak in a clear, but personalized manner.

Step 3:

REFER those who want to quit to the Hawaii Tobacco Quitline.

To support your office, the Hawaii Tobacco Quitline offers FREE promotional items – visit our Community Resources page.


Healthcare Provider Fax Referral Form
Fax Referral Form
(Report available for HIPAA covered entities)

Healthcare Provider Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet: General Effectiveness
(This Fact Sheet provides a brief outline on the Hawaii Tobacco Quitline services.)

The Quitline Pregnancy Program
The Quitline Pregnancy Program
(This document is an overview of the Quitline program for pregnant smokers.)


The Hawaii Tobacco Quitline is a telephone and online counseling service staffed 24/7 by professional Quitline Coaches who provide assistance to smokers free of charge, regardless of insurance. Since 2005, the Quitline has helped over 60,000 Hawaii residents. To see all the services the Hawaii Tobacco Quitline offers and the different programs available, visit our Quit Now page.