We all know tobacco use is harmful. Discover why quitting today benefits your life well into the future.

At the Hawaii Tobacco Quitline, we’ll provide you with the tools and knowledge to identify your triggers to help you quit tobacco and realize the healthy life you deserve.

    Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals including arsenic, which causes heart disease and lung cancer.
    About 50,000 adult nonsmokers die each year from exposure to secondhand smoke.
    Eating the toxins in cigarette butts can cause vomiting, tremors, twitching, seizures, and even death in your pets.
Financial BENEFITS
    A pack-a-day smoker spends $2920.00 per year in cigarettes alone. 
    Not smoking protects your home and its contents from damage. It also keeps its value if you decide to sell.
    No need to find places to smoke, or worry about how public smoking affects others. 
    Less than 15% of people in Hawaii smoke, and many non-smokers prefer to date a non-smoker.
    Many jobs prefer to hire non-smokers because they are out sick less than smokers.

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