Locals Talk Story

About the challenges of quitting and successes with the Quitline.

  • The Struggles with Smoking

    The Islands

    "I'd like to quit for my health. " "For my children, my babies." "Not only for my health, but the health of future children and grandchildren." "To be healthier."

  • Bruce


    "The Quitline’s advice, the resources, the internet, the motivation, just talking to them on the phone is what kept me going."

  • Alicia


    "I watched my dad disappear before my eyes."

  • Robyn


    "I am able to look at my daughter and say, I’m healthy and I’m gonna stay this way."

  • Terese


    "When I called the Hawai‘i Tobacco Quitline and I got started on the program, I never picked up a cigarette after that." (results not typical)

  • Gary


    "I think it’s important for people to hear my story about the things that happened in my life with my dad and me."

  • Randy


    "I honestly believe that Hawai‘i Tobacco Quitline saved my life."

  • Robyn (Extended Cut)


    "If [Hawai‘i Tobacco Quitline] can help me after I’ve been a smoker for 15 plus years, they can help almost anybody that’s willing and committed to quit."

  • Alicia (Extended Cut)


    "I do feel like I’m a better parent having gone through watching my father pass away from smoking because it has actually helped me to ensure that my children will not do the same."