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Calculate how much money you will save if you quit smoking with the Hawaii Tobacco Quitline calculator

Calculate How Much Money You Would Save By Quitting Tobacco with the Tobacco Quitline Calculator.

Discover tobacco use's effects on the body

Discover How Tobacco Use Affects the Body.

Test to see if your tobacco use has become an addiction

Test if Your Tobacco Use Has Become an Addiction.

Real Former Smokers Who Used the Hawaii Tobacco
Quitline Share Their Stories

Bruce Kāne’ohe


“The Quitline’s advice, the resources, the internet, the motivation, just talking to them on the phone is what kept me going.”

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Terese Makawao


“When I called the Hawaii Tobacco Quitline and got started on the program I never picked up a cigarette after that.”

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A Focus on Smoking Habits of Hawaii's Filipinos

In the United States, cigarette smoking remains the leading preventable cause of death, but surprisingly, it is a health issue that continues to affect ethnic minorities at a disproportionate rate, including Filipinos.

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