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Real People Sharing Real Stories

From fighting to quit to winning with the Quitline.

  • The Struggles with Smoking

    The Islands

    "I'd like to quit for my health. " "For my children, my babies." "Not only for my health, but the health of future children and grandchildren." "To be healthier."

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  • Bruce


    "The Quitline’s advice, the resources, the internet, the motivation, just talking to them on the phone is what kept me going."

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  • News & Press

    “Big Tobacco” Targets LGBTQA Community

    Who targeted the LGBT community with “Project SCUM”? If you guessed “Big Tobacco,” then sadly, you are correct. October 11 is the start of PRIDE week — the perfect time to empower yourself with the facts about tobacco and the LGBTQA community — the perfect time to stand up against…

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